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Voluptuous June 2006

SCORE: If a guy is with you, one on one, should he just treat you like a normal woman and have normal sex?
SAMANTHA: Yes. I prefer missionary because you can suck my tits. I'm also a fan of doggie style.
SCORE: You don't go on top?
SAMANTHA: I can do that. I don't mind getting on top at all!
SCORE: What don't you like?
SAMANTHA: I'm not into S&M. I'm not into dirty or illegal things. I'm not a big fan of anal.
SCORE: Is there anything you haven't done that you'd like to?
SAMANTHA: Yes, I'd like to do a 30- or 40-man bukkake. Any volunteers?
SCORE: All those men at once cumming on your face?
SCORE: How many bukkakes have you done?
SAMANTHA: None. The closest thing I've done is in a gang bang, having people cum on my face. I've never been in a circle and had people cum on my face.
SCORE: How come?
SAMANTHA: I don't know. It just never gets done. Maybe it's just where I live…
Featuring: Samantha Kay
Duration: 40
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