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April 2005 Voluptuous

Samantha: I was born in Ohio and I've lived in West Virginia, but now I
live in Pittsburgh.

Do you do anything besides work on your website?

Samantha: I'm a chat host on iFriends, a secure webcam where I fuck dildos and dance, and people pay per minute.

Before you got into adult entertainment, what were you doing?

Samantha: I am a professional chef. I'm a certified working chef. I worked in restaurants for seven years.

I guess there are two ways to a man's heart-through his stomach and through his dick-and you've got them both down. What kind of food did you cook when you were a chef?

Samantha: I've actually worked in four-star restaurants. I've worked in really swanky places, and I've worked at Bennigan's.

How does a pro chef like you go from cooking to porn?
Featuring: Samantha Kay
Duration: 40
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