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Holiday 2005 Voluptuous

Samantha: The best way for me to cum is from my husband sticking at least four fingers inside of me.
When did you discover you liked that?
Samantha: I could always handle bigger things, like big cocks, and one day, my husband was working away at me with his fingers. You know, first one finger, then two, then three. The more he did it, the wetter I got, and the more my pussy opened right up for him. Then, he stuck four fingers in, and the next thing I knew, he had all of his fingers inside of me. And we've been doing it ever since. And I always cum that way. Four fingers and a thumb is even better!
Isn't it unusual for a woman to cum from just hand penetration?
Samantha: Every girl I know who does it cums.
Can you say what's so great about it, aside from cumming?
Samantha: Well, one side of your knuckles is rubbing against my G-spot, and the other side is rubbing against my cervix, so I'm getting rubbed in two different stimulation areas at the same…
Featuring: Samantha Kay
Duration: 40
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