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Jonee Loren reminds us of the pretty cousin-in-law we would see at weddings and special family get-togethers. Then beat-off over as we relived the memory of her doing the hokey-pokey on the dance floor with her greasy boyfriend. Jonee made her debut in our June ¹99 issue and this 19-year-old young 'un made an impression, so we've asked her back again. Fortunately, she's not dating anyone who threatens to walk because she's showing her bushy snatch and 36 double dee-ights to scores of unknown, ball squeezing admirers. She's a mere 5'1" tall and weighs a fullsome 122 lbs. Jonee is a college student in California (she declines to name the university, not uncommon) and lives with four other co-eds. When she feels like tormenting the student body and faculty, Jonee goes from class to class wearing a miniskirt, tight sweater and sexy heels. So far, there have been no organized student protests over this, nor do we foresee any. The girl voted most likely to cause priaprism (a prolonged,…
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2 years ago 
Someone needs to look her up and see if she'd be interested in a 2016 come-back. I just love her natural muff and authentic smile.
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