Big Boob Photos » October 2003 Voluptuous

October 2003 Voluptuous

This is Jonee's sixth appearance in V-Mag. Will it be her final? It's been four years since she first started modeling and now that she's out of school, will this be the end of her annual pictorials? If V-history repeats itself for Jonee as it has for other girls, the answer is -- not to sound negative -- yes. Take solace in the fact that if Jonee does enter the big, bad world of business, she'll be the centerpiece of corporate culture in her company, as long as she wears tight blouses, short skirts, high-heeled pumps and push-up brassieres. At the same time, if she ever wants to get back into the studio, all she needs to do is make that telephone call and we'll stock up on the Ektachrome. And yet our deep and abiding faith tells us that we'll find new recipients for the SCORE Group Scholarship Program if Jonee books out. As we wrote three years ago about college girl models like Jonee and this special endowment fund, "...their modeling fees go to pay off their overinflated tuition to…
Featuring: Jonee Loren
Duration: 30
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