Big Boob Photos » December 2002 Voluptuous: Jonee

December 2002 Voluptuous: Jonee

Says J.K. of Memphis, Tennessee: "My pants could not come off fast enough to start stroking the sweet meat to Jonee Loren's sumptuous tits and her hairy pussy and brown eye. What a layout. She looks like she has the pinkest pie lips and a very tasty butt hole. I would love to taste both. Try to get magnificent Jonee not to shave for awhile, then shoot those hairy pits and brown eye for one issue. Keep up the great layouts and my bottle of oil will always be ready." Although she is the peewee amongst the V-Mag boob giants, Jonee Loren holds a special place in the hearts of many. One of those models we literally watched grow-up once a year, Jonee is now ready for the big, bad world of post-college reality. V-Mag readers seem to love Jonee, even though her boobs are borderline-sized. She definitely makes up in on-camera charisma what she lacks in bra-busting force. That's the kind of quality that can't be taught or learned. It's a gift that comes from inside.
Featuring: Jonee Loren
Duration: 30

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1 year ago 
I WISH all women would let their GORGEOUS PUSSY hair grown in fully, when they shave its like half the pussy is GONE! :(
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