Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous June 2004

Voluptuous June 2004

SCORE: When you say "G-cup," I think it's different here. In America, A is
one inch from the chest, B is two inches, C is three inches, D is four
inches. Is it the same in England?
Kellie: I think it's about the same. I don't actually know, because if I go into a shop, they measure me up, they fiddle about and they just sell me. I think it's inches as well, I think so, definitely. The shop assistants are always so amazed because I have such a small back and such big boobs. Then she has to try and find me the bras but unfortunately, the shops don't do them anymore and I have to order them.
SCORE: This person who measures you, has it ever been a man?
Kellie: Never. Old women, no guys at all, none at all. Unfortunately.
Featuring: Kellie Garnett
Duration: 40

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