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New Discovery

"Hi. My name is Kellie. My boyfriend has persuaded me to send some pictures in as we read SCORE and Voluptuous regularly and he has always said that he would like to see me in it. My breast size is 34G, and all natural. Attached are some photos. Sorry that they are slightly blurry. It would be great if you could consider me in one of your magazines."

Being pushovers for a letter like this, postmarked from the U.K., it didn't take much persuasion for SCORE to arrange Kellie Garnett's visit to the Miami Studio so she could pose for a series of pictorials and videos. Fortunately, Miss Garnett was able to get some time off from her job as a big-boobed receptionist. Yes, Kellie's a real life, big-boobed receptionist in a London office. We know a lot of women like Kellie fill the business offices of Great Britain. Our boob sense tells us this is so. Finding them is not easy. Unfortunately we can't cold-call companies and ask if they have big-boobed personnel we can photograph. Sometimes we…
Featuring: Kellie Garnett
Duration: 40
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