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March 2003 Score

What do an ironing board and Inesse have in common? Nothing! Inesse weaves her magic with the male of the species, and not always intentionally. "Men always look at me, especially in summer," Inesse tells us. "I try not to recognize their 'looks' and just march to my destination with an 'angry,' confident, kinda look. It helps most of the time, but not always. T-shirts are no help. And imagine me wearing black Spandex. Mucho problemos! They stared at me in London when I went there to model for SCORE and Voluptuous, and in my home country they stare even more! Usually I try not to wear over-sexy and revealing clothes. Men have very lousy pick-up lines! So primitive! Like they are the first! They look at me and lose their minds. 'Hey, baby, come over here!' they yell at me in the street. The worst happened when I was learning to drive. After several driving lessons, the instructor decided he had enough. He suddenly leaned over me and tried to kiss me! I was outraged! I quit and demanded…
Featuring: Inesse
Duration: 30

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So beautiful
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