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Holiday 2001 Score

The covergirl of December 2001 V-Mag had us running to the store to stock up on the facial tissue, the lecithin, protein shakes and the zinc. 'Cause we had some serious jackin' to do, as Elvis used to say. From her home in Latvia, Inesse answered some questions for us, after posing in our London studio. (Here was model number two who had a problem getting into the U.S.A.)

SCORE: Your favorite perfume is?
Inesse: "5th Avenue."
SCORE: What do you find sexy?
Inesse: "Frank Drebin and his Naked Gun!"
SCORE: You know about Frank Drebin in Latvia? That's impressive. Are you sexually assertive or passive?
Inesse: "Both...sometimes panther style suits me best."
SCORE: Panther style. What's that?
Inesse: "As it sounds. Like a jungle cat!"
SCORE: Do you initiate sex or do you wait for the man to make the first move?
Inesse: "I guess I wait for the man first."
SCORE: How often do you have sex?…
Featuring: Inesse
Duration: 30

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2 years ago 
Amazing woman. Pics 17- 23 get me off every time!!
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