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March 2000 Voluptuous

Another stacked English lady from Yorkshire, Gillian is 30 years old, stands 5'7", weighs 142 lbs., measures 40-27-35 and straps on a 34E bra. She made her debut in our January '99 issue. Gillian reports no earth shattering changes in her lifestyle since her posedown. "It's not like men recognize me and chase me with the magazine in their hands. The only significant change is within me. Posing made me feel more attractive." Actually this kind of comment is a good thing for Voluptuous-bodied women to read. There are lots of bosomy girls out there who should be taking their clothes off for our photographers but they back off, concerned that their lives will change in some major way. That is not the case at all. And by posing nude and then seeing the results in a quality magazine like ours, these women can quench a longtime fantasy of being admired and worshipped afar by thousands of men worldwide-who are not going to go running after them with a copy in hand. It may even help to release long trapped repressions and inhibitions, creating a lasting sense of well being and confidence.
Featuring: Samantha Sanders
Duration: 14
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