Big Boob Photos » September 2001 Voluptuous

September 2001 Voluptuous

Third go-around for Brit girl Gillian and her big cannons, and this time she gets the royal treatment by becoming our centerfold, so aim your sights and fire away at will. Gillian has a wonderfully firm, full, heavy set of E-cups that draws tons of attention no matter where she goes. That includes pubs and clubs where she was first spotted by one of our English readers who told her she'd be a prime specimen for V-Mag. He was absolutely right, and shortly thereafter, Gillian wound up at the London studio where our Brit bros loaded up on the film and fired away. This third time out, Gillian has a much more assured, self confident modeling personality, no longer shy about turning up the heat levels.
Featuring: Samantha Sanders
Duration: 25
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