Victoria's Bra Secret: Big Tits & A Big Toy

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Victoria's Bra Secret: Big Tits & A Big Toy

Victoria Lobov doesn't look like she's in her fit-and-fuckable forties. Her face and figure look a decade younger. "People think I'm 32," said Victoria.

Victoria is married but her big-boob loving husband is okay with her fucking porn studs at SCORE and 40Something. Mrs. Lobov is a woman who loves big tits and wanted bigger tits.

Victoria admires Danielle Derek and Amber Alena and supports women who have big tits or want bigger tits.

"I was a B-cup. I started off with 350ccs. That was my first surgery back in Canada. Then my second surgery I went to silicone, and the most you can get is 800ccs. My third one is saline and they're 1400ccs. So I went from a B-cup to a C-cup to a D-cup. Now I'm a 34G-cup.

I buy bras with extra support due to my large size and buy them off the rack at specialty stores. I always wear a bra. The only time I do not wear a bra is when I have sex."

Victoria could be a bra model. The proof is in the pictures and video. Read More »
Featuring: Victoria Lobov
Date: November 9th, 2019
Duration: 24:48

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Member Comments

4 years ago 

Victoria Lobov is HOTTER THAN HELL with her HUGE FAKE BOOBS, her wonderful body, her pretty face, her desirable lips and her beautiful eyes. Many more scènes with this beauty.

4 years ago 

please make more scenes like this Victoria, we need more bikini and nude solos with you on this site !

4 years ago 

Too bad sexy Victoria didn't take off her bra completely. She's so hot I'd like to see all of her. 'Course, she warned us when she said that "The only time I do not wear a bra is when I have sex."

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Absolutely amazing! Just love the way she looks at the camera while the milk shoots from her tits! This is what makes Scoreland the BEST!!!


So nice. So beautiful. So Scoreland! Thanks, guys.


Fucking fantastic ! Good job Scoreland. You made me jack off as a mad man.


Okay gang, I have been away for almost a year, but when I rejoined Scoreland just now, Bebe Cooper is the first model I wanted to see! She is the rock-hardest babe of the century.


Thanks so much Scoreland for featuring the lovely Beshine in a simple yet effective way for the enjoyment of all the super boob aficiandos. It's the variety of models and catering to different reader tastes that make Scoreland great !


Damn, what a woman! Through the years, I've been a member of many sites, and now Scoreland, and this is my very first comment I've ever left on any site among them all! I love Preggos, because they are the ultimate representations of a big breasted, big or small bodied woman!


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