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Beautiful, busty, tall and shapely, Tina Lee comes your way from Paris, France by way of the nation that gave the world Valory Irene, Sha Rizel and Demmy Blaze. Tina modeled for about five years before discovering SCORE.

Tina has an upbeat, happy, sweet personality that leaps out of the screen in her separate chat video. She learned about SCORE through her ex-boyfriend. We have to thank him for that. "Ex-boyfriend" is always a good word when it comes to models and potential models. "SCORELAND was the favorite place of my ex-boyfriend to spend time," Tina said, punctuating her sentence with laughter. She laughed a lot during her chat.

"I practice fitness and I exercise to stay in good shape. But I want to try horseback riding because I really would like to feel big power between my legs.

"I'm not just a big boobs girl. I hope people see other things about me. I'm kind, for example. So I hope it's not just about big boobs."

We can picture Tina in a tight sweater… Read More »
Featuring: Tina Lee
Date: July 28th, 2018
Duration: 17:50

Member Comments

3 weeks ago 
What a beautiful woman. I love how she plays with her nipples, gently running her fingers over them and then pinching and squeezing those cherry nips. Those udders, those milk bags, mmmmm, would love to squeeze them and suck them.
3 weeks ago 
Her healthy full & swollen breasts, dark purple tinted nipples and deep pink areolas are a sign that her tits are possibly producing milk. If she could try and see if she can squeeze some creamy milk out of her juicy nipples....that would be wonderful for those among us who love lactating udders.
2 months ago 
Wow� like a Vargas girl come to life. Amazing!
2 months ago 
She looks like a goddess, her body is perfect many women would be jealous hahaha, your face is very beautiful, I want more :)
2 months ago 
A+++++ way to go. Scoreland you have topped yourselves once again Thank you!
2 months ago 
Wow, she is another Korina Kova! simply amazing.

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