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Totally Miami

Hang out and party with bikini babe Tiggle Bitties under Miami skies and overlooking the bay, then head indoors with her so she can really show what's under her bikini bottoms.

What does Tiggle like to wear during an average day?

"I usually wear something I feel hot in, whether it's parachute pants or shorts and a tank top," says Tig. "I don't blame people for looking. I don't mind at all. I've stopped noticing, except if they're gawking. If you see something that out of the ordinary as my boobs, you're going to look."

As you've seen in previous scenes, Tiggle can do it all in breast play. She's the go-to girl for tit-action from bouncing to self-sucking. Check out the lipstick marks left on her nipples. "I love long, drawn-out nipple and clit play."

Tiggle loves chicks also. "I love women and I consider myself pan-sexual. Although I don't love 'em as big as mine, boobs are the best!" Read More »
Featuring: Tiggle Bitties
Date: April 9th, 2016
Duration: 12:15

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Amazing woman
2 years ago 
Watching Tiggle moves on my screen is wonderful. Could we see her with Danni Lynne in a super hot duo ?
2 years ago 
Tiggle gets cuter and prettier with each scene. Her tits are completely hypnotic and her ass is incredible. This girl is a dream come true, I have fallen madly in love with her.

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Tiggle Bitties has done the coed look and the mean fetish mistress. This time, the tape wrapped around the glasses (not to mention the knee-high socks and overall clothing) can only mean it's "Nerd Girl" cosplay time. Tiggle doesn't need to go to amusement parks or state fairs. Her body and huge, pliable hooters are a total wonderland. She says they're "full & juicy." Tiggle always makes sure she has a fun time and she shares the fun with her visits to sunny Miami. Playing with her clit in this video gives her a big, very visible lady boner. SCORELAND: So, Tig, if you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be? Tiggle: "Yes, they're real. So are my eyes." SCORELAND: You could probably add more lines considering your bust measurement. What kind of dreams do you have? Tiggle: Typically, I'm running around trying to find a place to have sex with no luck. Blargh! SCORELAND: That's no fun. Change that to running naked through a flower field. How do other, less boob-fortunate girls, react to you? Tiggle: Well, I'm met with a mix of curiosity and having them feel off-put by me. It depends on the situation. It's "How many people am I going to be around?" Women get less cleavage. Much less. They feel threatened. I don't mean this to sound bitchy, but I get weird looks from women, so I try to be less threatening by covering my boobs. SCORELAND: But you like women, don't you? Tiggle: I'm actually considered pansexual. I appreciate things about men and women. I actually like women more than I do men. It's boobs, honestly. It's the softness. A woman is shaped so softly and her skin is so soft and her boobs are so nice.
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