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A Busty Mirage Called Terry

This dehydrated man is delirious. Another step and he's bound to fall into that empty pool and break his boner. But wait! A busty, smiling mirage named Terry Nova has appeared to slake his thirst, not only for aqua but for big, heavy tits to suck and fuck.

Terry is an expert at stroking, sucking, jacking and fucking your tool until you blow your load over her sexy chest. Terry oozes sex. She's the ultimate love-doll with her fleshy, pliable hangers and her facial-me face. Just wind her up and let her bounce on a boner. That's what it's all about, brother.

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Featuring: Terry Nova and Eric Swiss
Date: July 23rd, 2018
Duration: 17:56

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6 months ago 
I always enjoy watching Terry Nova big boobs tipped with her inverted nipples. Also, she does a great job sucking the guy's cock in this video...nice!

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Terry Nova
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Creampie For Terry
Ranked #15 in the 20 Greatest SCORE Girls contest, Terry Nova is in a rare teasing mood. She usually doesn't play hard to get. Then again, Terry enjoys role-playing and she looks like she's having fun slapping this guy's hand away and pulling back when he reaches out to fondle one of her fantastic tits. She's standing, he's sitting at a table packed with tasty-looking dishes. The tastiest dish of all is Terry. Terry wants to tease, tantalize and undress. She wants to make him yearn for it. Just for a few minutes at least. He reaches out again and she slaps his face hard! He reaches out again and she slaps his hand away then spits at him! Terry's game is playing tough and rough. Who'd have guessed that Terry had it in her? Terry continues her assault by bashing his face with her boobs. She really lets him have it, pummeling, mashing and motor-boating his face. He reaches out to touch her naked boobs and suck her nipples hard. Prepare for some intense, close-up nipple sucking action! Terry kneels to suck his boner and shows her powerful, deep throat skills. She gets her mouth all the way to the root and sucks hard, then wraps her fleshy hangers around his pole and tit-wanks him hard. Terry was rarely been this aggressive and this change in her is very hot. They swap places. She sits and he kneels. She removes her panties and opens her legs. Her pussy hair has a different trim. She's shaved around her pussy lips and sports a thick patch of hair above it. It's Terry's turn to get eaten out and fingered before he penetrates her pussy, inserts his cock into her and injects his nut-cream deep inside her.
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Big Boob Paradise: Terry Nova Part 1
When SCORE was producing SCORELAND's "15 Years of SCORE" Anniversary special, it really hit home just how much time had passed since the last major on-location project. Very early shoots in the 1990s took place on Eleuthera in The Bahamas (Chloe Vevrier and Tiffany Towers were photographed there), and so it was decided to return to that quiet, pristine island, severely damaged in 1992 by Hurricane Andrew. Terry Nova had posed in Europe and her debut was very popular, so she was invited to join Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks, Angela White and Gianna Rossi. There were other models in the running, too. If anyone thinks these international group shoots are simple to pull off, the truth is, they are not. Emily Cartwright was invited and couldn't make it. Paola Rios impressed the SCORE staff and she was eager to join but uncontrollable events kept her from coming. When the airport in Buenos Aries, Argentina was closed due to heavy fog, Paola missed her flight connections to the Bahamas. But she wasn't forgotten. Bea Summers of Germany was turned away by customs at the Munich airport as she prepared to board a jet to Miami for the first leg of the trip to Eleuthera ; her temporary passport had expired. Customs wouldn't let her board. Another letdown. Terry Nova flew over and met a SCORE staffer on another island who accompanied her to the beach house on Eleuthera. Terry doesn't speak English, but she didn't need to to communicate with her new boob-mates. Busty girls have breast ESP, and they don't need a Czech-English phrase book to do their magic. SCORE Editor Dave was on that tour and commented that, "Terry always looked like she was having a good time but she couldn't say it because none of us could understand what she was saying." In Part 1 of this chapter of On Location Big Boob Paradise, we follow happy-go-lucky Terry as she does what girls do in her room, poses for shoots and washes a car...with her huge tits. The show continues in Terry Nova Part 2.
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