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Taylor Steele Is A Torontonian Tantalizer

Toronto's Taylor Steele fits in perfectly with the lush abundance of this tropical island. Her tight top and tight jeans cling to her beautiful, voluptuous body like a second skin. Her bra, unable to contain the large amounts of both cleavage and undercleavage, looks ready to fly off her chest. Bra hook failure appears imminent. She spins the bra around her torso and with a quick, effortless move, unhooks it and flings it on the picnic table. Now her twin delights are free! They move like bell clappers, striking together to signal their liberation from the imprisonment of their brassiere. Free to swing, sway and shake to her heart's content under the Caribbean sun. Soon Taylor will be totally nude and barefoot, naked as nature intended. This is a great moment for Canada and boob freedom and SCORELAND was happy to be there with Taylor. Read More »
Featuring: Taylor Steele
Date: July 16th, 2010
Duration: 18:37

Member Comments

4 years ago 
REAL BEAUTY LADY. She is a very, very cute woman.
6 years ago 
TSG, you all are the absolute best!! I am way stoked this segment made it the the greatest big bust DVD is smoking hot and Taylor Steele has camera chutzpah on par with the very best. Her camera confidence and electric hotness make my cock go straight through the roof! I can't thank you all enough.
7 years ago 
Taylor is SO hot and insanely sexy. What a babe, it kills me. She is so beautiful it's crazy. I so dig her dance vibe in this clip and the outfit is way hot.
7 years ago 
love the naughty talk it really make me get off... i'll spank the nice big ass!
8 years ago 
es hermosssa y esta buenissima
8 years ago 
She is great at solo ! Simply fascinating.
8 years ago 
Taylor is so sexy, would love to see her take on a real cock and see those beautiful tits shake as she gets fucked and have those tits and face covered in cum
8 years ago 
The day she does a hardcore scene is the day i call out of work.
8 years ago 
Taylor has a beautiful face and a body to match, I always want to see more of her, keep her cuming
8 years ago 
I love this babe. Her body is so perfect and she has a beautiful face.

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