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Slone Ryder's big boobs always get her a lot of attention. She's got natural tits and she's proud of them.

"If I'm feeling really horny, I'll masturbate twice a day. I really like to do it at night. If I have to be alone I'll take care of myself. I like the Bullet. That's a good one. And I like dildos that feel like a real cock. I like those a lot.

"Now about sex. I like to have sex at least every two or three days. Sometimes more often. It's according to where I am, what I'm doing and who I find. I'm very sexual, but I'm also particular. I love blow jobs. I've been told I'm pretty good at it. I'm afraid this may sound kind of boring, but I like regular intercourse.

"I like oral sex, but intercourse is my favorite. Sometimes I like being on top. Doggie-style, of course. Just about every girl likes that. Being on top is the best though. There's more penetration and it hits my G-spot just right." Read More »
Featuring: Slone Ryder
Date: June 12th, 2017
Duration: 13:56

Member Comments

1 year ago 
I'm with you, Carney. They just did a redhead Stephanie Stalls recently. I'm a big fan of Stephanie for a long time. Give us more down to earth Kentucky women!
1 year ago 
Wait a minute . . . "Blonde and Busty in Kentucky" . . . "Brunette and Busty in Kentucky" . . . All you need is a redhead. You ARE planning a Stephanie Stalls feature, aren't you?
1 year ago 
I'm with David . . . Kentucky has been well represented this week with Slone and Chrissy Monroe. Big, beautiful, curvy, sexy women . . . you know what would really cap it all? Another appearance by Kentucky's greatest sex symbol: Stephanie Stalls!
1 year ago 
Wow! Kentucky girls on back-to-back days. I love that as a fellow Kentuckian. Kentucky has beautiful women. You know me..I can't wait to see Slone Ryder in b/g scenes. I want to see her hooked up with JMac. Make it happen SCORE guys...

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