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This is the night Sheridan Love will straighten you out right. Sheridan's tonight's bride and she's waiting for a hot ride on this night of naughty nuptials. Dressed in wedding white, Sheridan's pussy is tight. Those horny hooters are a sight that inspires a poet to write. She'll ignite you, excite you and delight you as you make boom-boom in your honeymoon room.

This is Sheridan's first boy-girl scene shot in P.O.V. aka your point-of-view. A guy couldn't have a cuter, sexier bride under him and over him. Eager to suck and fuck you just right, Sheridan teases you and eye-bangs you first. She lowers her wedding gown to give you full access to her big, hot tits.

Sheridan spreads her legs wide so you can pull aside her panties and finger her pink, smooth cookie. "Let me get on my knees," an elated Sheridan whispers, taking your chubby in her sweet hand. "And do my wifely duties."

It's a nice day for a Love wedding. Read More »
Featuring: Sheridan Love and Tony Rubino
Date: October 31st, 2015
Duration: 17:56

Member Comments

2 years ago 
This is my dream come true! A wedding fantasy with one of my all-time favorite big-tit models. I love it! Thank you, Score!
2 years ago 
She is gorgeous and so hot. I hope she will do the same with a woman. I love women and i dream of Sheridan. Come to me...
2 years ago 
That blowjob was incredible
2 years ago 
A damn fine wedding night. I would love to suck her pussy and asshole. She sucks dick extremely well. I love her big ass and pretty pussy.
2 years ago 
The only reason I signed up in the first place is Sheridan. Ivebeen anticipating this scene for weeks now and it lived up to the hype. She's a perfect 10 out 10 and glad she's finally taking the dick now.
2 years ago 
Best video yet of the lovely voluptuous petite Sheridan Love. If she visit your area in the future, do yourself a favor and see this amazing woman.
2 years ago 
This is one of the most sexy and hot scene with Sheridan. And she's really cute in this outfit, I'm in love !
Warm kisses from France to my lovely Sheridan :)
2 years ago 
Man, I love Sheridan. I don't know if she does two for one when she films at Score, but wow, what a lady. 100% loyal fan all the way. Sheridan you rock.
2 years ago 
Wow, what a great scene. To have her as my bride would be a dream come true. I love her tits and smile.

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