Slim & Stacked Beauty Queen

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Slim & Stacked Beauty Queen

"My breasts began to get very big when I was about 17 or 18 years old. It happened very suddenly," Sha Rizel told us. "They seem to get bigger every two months, and they're still growing. Every time I buy a bra, it quickly becomes too small on me. They are still growing, even now."

"I work out every day. I lift weights and I do exercises for my ass. I love to cook and invite friends over for dinner parties. I love to cultivate plants and flowers. It is a great interest of mine. I began this when I was 17 years old. I also like to shoot pistols."

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Featuring: Sha Rizel
Date: May 16th, 2023
Duration: 10:44

Member Comments

Sha rizel es hermosa con ese conjunto rosado mas su piel es espectacular
hermos�simas tetas!!!
I know I'm not the only one wishing that Sha does hardcore. She is just hot, she would be hotter with a cock in her mouth and pussy.
True perfection
Hottest woman in the world!
So sexy. Would love to smudge her lipstick with my cock
Simply Jerk Off
Mmmmmm! My favorite Sha video so far! Sha is looking as great as ever! Terrific tresses, a tempting outfit discarded swiftly, and sexy shoes & jewelry & smiles that stay with her through the arousal until the end ... yeah, it's great!

One of the things I really enjoyed in this video is how we are treated to a variety of views and shots of Sha. There are some thrilling closeup views. Even better (to me) is how, in several shots, we get to experience the magic of beholding Sha's entire gorgeous, amazing body all at once. This is so special because the entirety of Sha is so much better and more beautiful than any one part or parts of her body, amazing as each and every part really is.

Also, I love that we aren't annoyed or drowned in some music soundtrack. Instead, we are able to experience and enjoy Sha's greeting and salu
tation, the increasingly aroused sighs, moans, and gasps Sha makes, the quiet whispers (and zips!) of her clothing moving and being removed (!!!), the sounds of her jewelry moving, her footsteps, the delicate sounds of the kisses Sha blows to us; all of which increases the feeling of intimacy (and, for me, arousal) greatly.

Thankfully, we've experienced that with Sha before, but speaking of arousal, this may well be Sha's most risque video to date. And it's not just us getting aroused! No stranger to breast play, Sha ups the game here by starting with her usual high-spirited breast juggling and bouncing and then going beyond to some rather intense caresses and licks and nipple rubs, twists, and pulls. That's when we begin to hear the aroused sounds. Although rather subtle for some, Sha's arousal is evidently enough to tempt her into some pussy caressing, something Sha is quite shy about showing on camera, and supposedly, in real life, as well. As her arousal grows,
Sha's caressing of her body increases and spreads and so she shows me quite a few clues as to what she would most enjoy should I ever make love with her. I'm sure I could read more of her signs once we start. (Call me, Katya, I'm ready whenever you are ;-) !!)

My flame gets hotter when Sha closes with a sexy kiss blown our way and she calls us her "boys". I love that! So intimate and affectionate sounding. If she would start the video with that, it would be even better. Maybe future videos could have Sha calling us her "boys" and "sweethearts" throughout. Lots of kisses and winks, too. Wow!
Welcome back, Sha Rizel! It was great to see you again in another of your always-hot videos - I've missed them. You are definitely one of my top 10 Score girls! See you soon!
Thin girl and great boobs, the perfect combination! I just wish Sha Rizel would leave her pussy hairy.
Thin girl and great boobs, the perfect combination! I just wish Sha Rizel would leave her pussy hairy.
u are looking fine.. mm
thanks to Scoreland for introducing me to Sha, you guys have the best shoots, and exclusive videos of her (and the most). She looks beautiful and different in every one.
The most radiant women ever photographed. Hoping for much, much more. Worth the price of any admission.

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