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Sandra Sturm brings Max and Steve back to her place after a party. Now the real party can get started. She has two super-studs, one on either side of her. One boob per man. Sandra can turn to her right or her left and have a horny dude to play with.

Max and Steve get to work on each tit. They give Sandra a big hand. That's a good thing because her tits are enormous. While they're stuffing their faces, Sandra is rubbing their junk. She's seen them in other scenes at SCORELAND so she's excited about what she's about to receive and can't wait to see them pull out their dicks for her. She doesn't need to wait long at all.

This was Sandra's fantasy. "I made my first scene with two guys for SCORE and that was my dream to try it." We were glad to make Sandra's dream come true and so were Steve and Max who contributed giants loads right into her cum-thirsty mouth.

"I have been with two girls and one man but never with two guys alone. This was my first time I tried with two… Read More »
Featuring: Sandra Sturm, Max Born, and Steve Q
Date: May 18th, 2018
Duration: 20:23

Member Comments

2 months ago 
This is good oral sex!!!
3 months ago 
4 months ago 
I want Sandra's asshole gets fucked!!
5 months ago 
5 months ago 
She's a goddess sucking verga!!
5 months ago 
Loving that score is doing more DP! Bring shane diesel into a DP scene
5 months ago 
MMMMMMM!! Soo HOTT!! Love Sandra Sturm! Makes my clean shaved 9inch BC sooo HARD!!
5 months ago 
I'd been hoping to see the great Sandra Sturm do an X-rated scene for Score. She did not disappoint. Wow, what huge, round Barbie-doll boobs! Please keep her coming back for more!

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