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Ricki Raxxx: Bad-ass Babe

She's bad. She's the baddest of the bad. She's so bad she's good. She likes it rough and she likes it wild. Ricki Raxxx is a rough rider, and she likes being a bad ass.

What's your kink? Ricki Raxxx wants to know.

"My fetish is size," Ricki said. "I have a big-breast fetish. Big breasts and big butts." Ricki loves big boobs. Minka was one of her inspirations.

When she does her stage show, Ricki comes at ya at the speed of boobs. She's a volcano of sexual heat. Be careful or you'll get burned. Watch carefully and observe her swinging leg moves and spread-wide pussy.

Ricki earned her wings on strip club stages. She started dancing at 18 years old and could have become a traveling feature dancer but didn't want to, despite the offers she got. Girls who've never danced professionally in a club before would have a hard time matching her move for move. Read More »
Featuring: Ricki Raxxx
Date: November 11th, 2021
Duration: 14:49

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Member Comments

2 years ago 

bigger ass and bigger tits?? cant wait, she's a fuckin queen

2 years ago 

So hot x

2 years ago 

nice ! love her !

2 years ago 

She is so perfect, please more Ricki!!

2 years ago 

Ricki is so hot and sexy. She is model of the year to me, please new bikini scene with toys next

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So nice. So beautiful. So Scoreland! Thanks, guys.


Kaytee Carter is an outstanding New Discovery! Her creamy, natural breasts are spectacular. Those blue-green eyes looking over those melons are the perfect introduction to the Scoreland audience. Well done!


Fucking fantastic ! Good job Scoreland. You made me jack off as a mad man.


Im new to scoreland and this chick makes it well worth it! She is fucking smoking hot!!!! Where do you find these models! Gorgeous!!!!!!


Great discovery here guys! Once again Score does right by me and my cock.


I don't know how you find the redheads you do but I do know that the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful redheads on the planet are on Scoreland. Charley is gorgeous and incredibly fit.


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