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Bra Show Time

Princess Pumpkins lives the bra challenge. Finding the right bras that fit her, offer her good support and have the kind of color, materials and construction she wants, is an adventure. She has different bras for different purposes.

Princess lays out a selection of her hooter holsters on the bed behind her. When her bra modeling session ends, she fingers her nipples and golden pussy.

"I've never found a bra big enough to fully fit," Princess said. "My boobs are too big and my back is too small." Bra shopping with Princess must be an unforgettable experience even if you couldn't sit in the dressing room.

Growing up, Princess was actually a shy girl.

"I was very shy. I learned as I got older that I had severe social anxiety, which is why I was really awkward. I was really shy in high school, but that's completely gone now. I dated quite a bit in high school. I had a few boyfriends.

"I was the alternative, sit-at-the-weirdo-table girl. I was into gothy, alternative music. Nobody… Read More »
Featuring: Princess Pumpkins
Date: July 22nd, 2017
Duration: 13:47

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1 year ago 
Princess is Hotstuff as usual! -- More !
1 year ago 
nice scene here
1 year ago 
So happy to see you again!

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