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Paraguayan Pussycat

"I am a woman who loves to take care of herself," Paola Rios said. "I love taking long baths with lots of bubbles and delicious smelling scents."

Paola is a self-pampered Paraguayan pussycat and she's got a nice, bubbly, hot bath to soak in. There's plenty of room in there and in the shower afterwards. Paola Rios is the sexiest hottie-next-door in Paraguay and this erotic bath is proof. Read More »
Featuring: Paola Rios
Date: September 25th, 2018
Duration: 10:22

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Paola Rios - Solo Big Tits video
Nov 26
Paola Rios
  35:09 Mins.
Chesty Chica Part 4
Paola Rios changes to another of her body-hugging, skimpy dresses and sits at the table for a snack. She suggests a strawberry toss. She'll try to catch flying strawberries with her cleavage. This is the kind of game that only a big-boobed girl can play. You'll like this game, it develops the eye. Paola reminds SCORE "Den Mother" Karla that it's time for their English/Spanish lesson. Paola is a college student in Ascuncion. She knows very little English and would like to learn to speak it so she's studying it in school. Karla plays the translation game with her. Karla will say the English word and Paola will repeat the word in Spanish and point. The subject they pick is perfect. We're the ones actually getting a lesson. A lesson in Paola's anatomy. Karla wants to tell Paola a secret about the fun of nipple pinching by attaching special nipple jewelry and leaving them on for a few minutes. Paola's never done this before. She dresses for this nipple stimulation game, putting on a tight see-through top designed with holes so her boobs are exposed. Karla asks Paola what she plans on doing in the afternoon. Senorita Rios replies that she wants to work out and invites us to stick around. She changes into a skintight fitness outfit and begins her warm-up. Later, Paola changes into a little bikini and heads to the bathroom. She decides to take a bath to invigorate herself after her workout. Paola gets into the bubbles in her swimsuit and gives her tits a bubbly soaking. She removes the top in her tantalizing way and suds up her hooters, saying how much she likes to touch her body. ("Mira como me sacudo mis grandes tetas.") It's been good, clean big-boobed fun in the great nation of Argentina but now it's time to say hasta luego to Paola and Buenos Aries.
Paola Rios - Solo Big Tits video
Nov 19
Paola Rios
  34:42 Mins.
Chesty Chica Part 3
Today is sightseeing day with Paola. She takes SCORE staffers Karla the model coordinator and Jose the photographer to the bustling Plaza De La Republica and the famous monument El Obelisco. Then it's off to other famous building and areas in this cosmopolitan city. Another stiffening tourist sight is Paola walking in the Plaza in her tight pink top, her 36E-cup bra visible underneath the thin fabric. The girls go to a lingerie store for some shopping. Paola finds what she wants but she needs to try them on her beautiful natural tits. Her first selection is a sexy little number. The second bra is a maternity bra but Paola seems to like it. With a maternity bra, the cups can unfastened from the strap so they can be dropped down to expose the nipple and much of the breast for easier access and hassle-free sucking. Paola looks very hot in that one. She continues her bra spree, checking her chest out in the dressing room mirror! Now it's time to get back to the house and a photo shoot. The outfit of choice is a hot pink net dress that's not suitable for leaving the house without bodyguards. Karla tends to Paola in the beauty chair. Paola lowers her dress and exposes her nipples. Karla suggests a game. If Paola doesn't like the color of the lipstick for her lips, she can apply it to her areolae and nipples. We've been around tits for a long time but we have to admit we never heard of this "Nipple Painting" game. Paola tries a pale color, then a traditional red. Karla suggests another shade. Karla comes up with another nipple game: how long it takes for Paola to get her nipples hard. Later, Paola is chilling out and listening to music with headphones. Karla asks Paola to turn up the music and dance. Paola has natural Latina rhythm and shakes her tits and ass. This girl missed her calling. She should have been a topless go-go dancer in front of a horny audience. Within a few minutes, Paola is stripping off her dress to total nudity. Her sexy breast-shaking dance ends on the couch. "What a show, Paola!" Karla says, out of breath just watching Paola go-go-go.
Paola Rios - Solo Big Tits video
Nov 12
Paola Rios
  20:24 Mins.
Chesty Chica Part 2
It's day two of Chesty Chica Paola Rios' trip to Buenos Aries, Argentina, a city that inspires women to walk around their homes naked. Our SCORE staffer Karla wakes Paola up and discovers that Paola likes to sleep bare. "I like to feel my skin," confesses Paola, curled up nude. "I enjoy sleeping naked. It makes me feel free." Paola goes to the bathroom to speed her waking-up process. Brushing her teeth, she opens her mouth and a huge glob of paste hits her big boob. Paola rinses it off and shaves her legs. Out of the bathroom with silky smooth legs, Paola tries on her sweaters and blouses to see what she wants to wear for the day. There's nothing a breast-lover likes better than to see a stacked girl put on and take off her clothes. So basic yet so bone-stiffening. Paola tries on several pullovers and it's obvious that she knows how to buy the right kind of tops for her E-cups. Paola said that in college her male and female schoolmates always asked her two questions: Are they real and did she do anything to get them so nice and big? She says that she just won the lottery. Now it's time to cream her chest. Rubbing lotion all over her body gets Paola worked up. Before she dresses and leaves the house, Paola needs to burn off some sexual energy. She gets back into bed and lets her fingers do their magic. Eventually Paola will get dressed and do some sightseeing in this historic and erotic city. That's coming up in Part 3 of of the SCORE DVD Chesty Chica.
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