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A button-popping Voluptuous fertility goddess, Paige Turner has said she likes sex with multiple men. Since she does, she gets two stud-men here--Marco Ducati and Rob Piper--as a combo birthday present.

This is not Paige's first threesome with two cocks. It is Paige's first interracial threesome. She was eager to get on with it as soon as the idea was floated. This is a bodaciously busty babe who once said, with a laugh, that her sexual fantasy is to have a gang bang.

Marco leads high-heeled Paige carefully down a flight of stairs because he wants her to keep her eyes closed. He steers her to the living room where Mr. Piper is waiting. When Marco tells Paige that her birthday present is a threesome with them, she wastes no time going down on Piper's BBC.

And man, does Paige go down. Slurping, making popping sounds, squeezing his shaft and balls and licking every inch. Paige jacks his shaft and places it between her enormous hooters. "You want to tit-fuck me?" she asks Piper… Read More »
Date: December 22nd, 2017
Duration: 21:38

Member Comments

8 months ago 
I love you Paige, your videos are always mind-blowing. Thank you for giving me these moments of pure sexual pleasure. You are totally amazing.
8 months ago 
It's always nice to see a new scene with my favorite Score model Paige Turner. Paige with your beauty, perfect voluptuous body, and your sexual enthusiasm, they make all your scenes so hot! I hope there will be many more to cum for our viewing pleasure. Thanks so much Paige, you are incredible!
8 months ago 
It's always nice to see a new scene with Paige Turner, my favorite Score model. Paige with your beauty, perfect voluptuous body and sexual enthusiasm, they make all your scenes so hot! So I hope there will be many more to cum for our viewing pleasure. Thanks so much Paige, you are incredible!
9 months ago 
9 months ago 
Wow wow wow Paige you have excelled yourself
9 months ago 
My wife next please
9 months ago 
My wifeloves thjsscene. Can she be next?
9 months ago 
MMMMMM She makes my 9 inch clean shaved BBC rock hard!!
9 months ago 
Paige Turner is absolutely breathtaking. Every scene of hers is phonemenal and her amazing curves blow my mind.
9 months ago 
Besides seeing Paige Turner's massive boobs and sexy tattoos in action, I enjoyed watching her gyrate on the guy's cock. Felt a bit sorry for Marco, though...didn't seem that he got as much of her pussy time as Rob did! Good video, though...invite Paige Turner back for more!
9 months ago 
Great Scene!!
Paige is one of My All Time Favorite models
Can't get enough
9 months ago 
He about blew her eye out with that load of nut! Lol

Paige I've NEVER wanted to use my thick 9 1/2" cock on a woman's huge gorgeous knockers more than urs! Never! Let me cum paint them for score baby mmmmm
9 months ago 
this fine piece of ass has made me cum so much over so many times. she reminds me of my ex wife wich makes her even more of a whore.

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