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And now for someone a breast-man could never tire of. The amazing Natalie Fiore, a huge SCORLAND favorite, is back with another nipplicious video, oiling those heavy, beautiful tits, talking sexy and petting her purring pussy after a night out driving the boys wild with her unstoppable body. Don't touch that mouse when Natalie says goodnight because there's a bonus Natalie interview that begins immediately after the scene ends! "I like a man to worship my breasts," is Natalie's credo and she says it again in this interview. She's in the right place. Miss Fiore's got countless worshippers on SCORELAND because this is the most visited temple of tits on earth and Natalie's one of the temple goddesses. Read More »
Featuring: Natalie Fiore
Date: November 13th, 2010
Duration: 26:27

Member Comments

3 years ago 
7 years ago 
love u !!!
7 years ago 
my dream girl !!!
7 years ago 
Natalie has got such a sensual sexuality about her. She is a Femme Fatale with enormous breasts
7 years ago 
I have now come to realise beyond any doubt that my girlfriend
really does suck! (and not in the good way)
7 years ago 
Please Marry me Natatalie
7 years ago 
Natalie, you are a goddess. I would give anything to kneel in front of you and kiss your magnificent breasts. Je t'adore beaucoup!
7 years ago 
When is Natalie gonna do hardcore? The world has waited toooo long!!!
7 years ago 
She needs to start fucking.
7 years ago 
Great scene and a great busty lady! Natalie's tits are
absolutely awe-inspiring (not to mention cock-hardening)!
Plus her gorgeous face gives her such a seductive look.
She'd be an absolute dream fuck for me, and her tits would
be a dream tittyfuck for my cock!
7 years ago 
Natalie is beautiful shapely woman, very sexy. I would love to see her use a dildo in her video, but would absolutely love to see her do XXX. Would love to see how she would take care of a hard cock. Love you Natalie
7 years ago 
very sexy woman!
7 years ago 
When is she going to do a hardcore seen?
7 years ago 
Natalie, you are beautiful and sexy beyond words. I not only adore your heavenly breasts but also fell in love with their proud owner! I would love to please you beyond imagination!
7 years ago 
Natalie is simply adorable!

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