The #1 Male Fantasy: Victoria Vale & Mariza Rabbit

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The #1 Male Fantasy: Victoria Vale & Mariza Rabbit

Joey has been patiently waiting for Mariza Rabbit and Victoria Vale. Now he's like a kid in a candy store when they arrive. He steers the two super-busty beauties straight to the bed. Joey's hands are going to be full of huge tits. The girls are ready and eager to give him a workout. As of this moment, he's the luckiest man in the world.

We caught up with Victoria and Mariza for an after-sex chat.

SCORELAND: Victoria, what are your impressions of Mariza?

Victoria Vale: Mariza is totally gorgeous! Her tits are absolutely amazing and give me "boobie greed!" I seriously want to go bigger now! We had messaged before shooting together and we had an instant connection. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Sexually, she is insatiable and her squirting is insanely HOT! She is a fantastic lover and made me cum so hard!

SCORELAND: Mariza, what are your impressions of Victoria?

Mariza Rabbit: Victoria is so beautiful and her tits are absolutely amazing!

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Featuring: Mariza Rabbit and Victoria Vale
Date: April 19th, 2024
Duration: 37:26

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Member Comments

2 days ago 

we nees more like that

3 weeks ago 

Bringing these two enormous busty beauties together for a thrilling threesome with the lucky stud joey was a stroke of genius, it would appear that the very lusty nubile Mariza connected immediately with the voluptuous milf Victoria Vale like a house on fire, I'd love to see if you can bring them back for a rematch, next time in a sizzling sapphic video hopefully with even more torrid tongue swapping taking place between the two big boobed super sluts.

3 weeks ago 

Mariza reminds of Donita Dunes and Angelique. I love that she can squirts multiple times. Thank you for bringing her to Score.

4 weeks ago 

Victoria Vale is one of my all-time favorites, and is certainly no slouch in the enhanced boobs department. However, seeing her next to Mariza Rabbit in this scene proves it's possible for her to get even bigger, if she wants!
Great job putting these 2 super-stacked models together, ScoreLand!

4 weeks ago 

Total insanity. Thanks girls for making me shoot huge loads of cum all day to this

4 weeks ago 

I never dreamed that anyone could make a hardcore scene as incredible as this near 40 minute Big Boob hardcore masterpiece!! This will go down as the hottest scene Scoreland has ever made! This set the bar for which every other Scoreland hardcore scene will be measured! The only way this scene can be topped is if you bring Mariza, Victoria and Joey back for a sequel and adding a third Super-Slim Mega-Stacked hottie to make it a three girls one guy foursome!!

4 weeks ago 

I am very thankful for this amazing scene! Concerncing the interview: I think Victoria Vale is perfect and doesn't need to go bigger with her tits.

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Kaytee Carter is an outstanding New Discovery! Her creamy, natural breasts are spectacular. Those blue-green eyes looking over those melons are the perfect introduction to the Scoreland audience. Well done!


Fucking fantastic ! Good job Scoreland. You made me jack off as a mad man.


Let me tell you every dick looks small between those mammaries. Scoreland, you guys did an awesome job!!


OMG...My dream girl does exist! What a beauty, the most spectacular specimen I have ever seen to grace Scoreland. I could spend days between those legs and breasts.


One of the best cast and scene I’ve ever seen on scoreland, bravo!!


Damn, what a woman! Through the years, I've been a member of many sites, and now Scoreland, and this is my very first comment I've ever left on any site among them all! I love Preggos, because they are the ultimate representations of a big breasted, big or small bodied woman!


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