Lucy Laistner: A Teen Tit Dream You Won't Forget

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Lucy Laistner: A Teen Tit Dream You Won't Forget

Lucy Laistner was a month past her 18th birthday when the SCORE cameras rolled. The situation flashed us back to such famous teen tit dream girls as Linsey Dawn McKenzie (18), Sharday (18), Christy Marks (18), Ines Cudna (19) and Kerry Marie (19).

A friend and Demmy Blaze suggested Lucy think about SCORE and Demmy's encouragement made this hook-up with Lucy happen. The green-eyed blonde has 32JJ breasts. She's got years of potential cup-size increases ahead of her so she should make sure to eat her vegetables.

Lucy is a student and goes to college. She likes to swim for exercise and loves to take selfies like most girls her age. Lucy owns more eyeglasses than anyone we've ever known.

A short chat video with Lucy is also posted. Read More »
Featuring: Lucy Laistner
Date: August 10th, 2019
Duration: 13:05

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Member Comments

4 years ago 

Stunning lady!!!

4 years ago 

It would be great set of her and Demmy

4 years ago 

Please get more vids and photosets of her in outfits and heels.

4 years ago 

lucy is one beautiful young lady

4 years ago 

Unbelievably beautiful 18-year-old, with such magnificent tits! I look forward to much more of Lucy.

4 years ago 

I can't believe my eyes, Lucy is sooo beautiful and charming. My heart is beating quicker when she appears !!

4 years ago 

Wow! She's gorgeous! You really have some great New Comers this year. Can't wait to see more of her

4 years ago 

Love her, what a beautiful face and incredible body.

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Many thanks Scoreland, simply Amazing... Best website ever!


This is why I love Scoreland!! Terri Jane is fantastic. Those pendulous, vein engorged, orbs of love are spectacular! Where do you find these women?


OMG...My dream girl does exist! What a beauty, the most spectacular specimen I have ever seen to grace Scoreland. I could spend days between those legs and breasts.


Fucking fantastic ! Good job Scoreland. You made me jack off as a mad man.


When I first joined in to Scoreland (more than 10 years ago). I was amazed how many lovely girls that was exposed there, dressed in sexy dresses. I thought to my self: "WOW this is really a site that admires sexy women."


Im new to scoreland and this chick makes it well worth it! She is fucking smoking hot!!!! Where do you find these models! Gorgeous!!!!!!


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