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Lara Jones is from Europe, and while she probably doesn't know American baseball terms, she's hit one out of the ball park. In a word, this girl is magnificent.

44-inches of all-natural, incredible, perfectly shaped breasts, a statuesque figure, big, brown eyes and a pretty face, Lara has it all. Where has she been?

Lara learned about SCORE from a friend and connected with our photo team. She would have never found us by herself. Lara had never modeled professionally before and wanted to try it. She began to develop at a young age and her big boobs have never taken a break from growing since then.

"I like to spend time outdoors when the weather is nice," Lara said. "I go to the park and spend the day enjoying nature. I take long walks there and enjoy being surrounded by natural beauty. Sometimes in the evening, I go clubbing with my friends."

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Featuring: Lara Jones
Date: July 26th, 2017
Duration: 16:07

Member Comments

1 month ago 
Good God I have never seen boobs so massive as this and be perfectly round! She has become my favourite very quickly!
7 months ago 
I love seeing big boobed women with veins showing in their breasts. This indicates to me they are all natural!
11 months ago 
Lara,lovely attractive women with wonderful breast.
More please perhaps with her outdoors.
1 year ago 
An extremely attractive,charming and beautiful girl.I do hope there will be more videos of hers in Scoreland and XL Girls
1 year ago 
What a beauty! Easily the best find in quite some! More, more, and more, please!
1 year ago 
1 year ago 
Gawd Dammit!! Thems iz sum beeg ass tiddeez!!!!
1 year ago 
Wow!!!!!!! She's absolutely stunning! A+++
1 year ago 
WOW!!! Lara is so unbelievably stacked. I'm in love! You need to add a marriage proposal section on your website.

Watching her bouncing up and down is out of this world. Please more!
1 year ago 
Yup really beautiful and sexy great job score!
1 year ago 
Unbelievable! Where the hell do these women come from, and why aren't there any in Toronto?
1 year ago 
Lara, you are simply the best ! The sexiest model on Scoreland, hands down.
1 year ago 
Lara is all I love in Scoreland, every inches of her are perfect. I'm totally in love and she's an instant favorite :)
1 year ago 
Wow, Lara is amazing!!! Please bring her back!
1 year ago 
Simply amazing!
1 year ago 
Wow Scoreland you have brought us another amazing find, please more Lara Jones, perfect huge veiny boobs and great ass. Watched the video 12 times.
1 year ago 
wow what a woman, how i didnt know her.
1 year ago 
I came for cancelling my membership...i thought i had enough big tits. But then i saw this young lade... holy sh**, take my money and bring more of these wonders
1 year ago 
Beautiful face an Beautiful body.Please have her do more stuff with score.
1 year ago 
Absolutely gorgeous
1 year ago 
She has a body that won't quit. Incredible. We could make wonderful music together.
Have her call me.
1 year ago 
Damn she's gorgeous! Hopefully the topless or fully nude interview is coming up.
1 year ago 
absolutely fucking beautiful and arrestingly truly exquisite of poise and gorgeousness....amazing and I so so so hope she shoots a great deal with hottie ..... incredible

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