Lana Blanc: Beautiful & Busty.

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Lana Blanc: Beautiful & Busty.

Lana Blanc. Beautiful and busty. A perfect fit for SCORELAND.

"I love to read and travel," Lana said. "I travel on my own a few times a year. I want to live abroad for an extended period of time. I've traveled extensively but have yet to base myself somewhere else other than the States. I also love spending time with my dog. I have a 13-year-old hairless Chinese Crested."

Lana was born in Miami and lives in Houston. Our photographer was captivated by Lana and her moves and you will be too. Her Twitter handle is @jetset_kitten.

"I actually avoid emphasizing my breasts too much or else I'll draw too much attention and that makes me uncomfortable. I get paranoid and self-conscious and think people are looking at me for the wrong reasons."

The reason people look at Lana is because she has movie star looks and they are drawn to her beauty. Read More »
Featuring: Lana Blanc
Date: March 14th, 2019
Duration: 16:04

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Member Comments

4 years ago 

Really, really nice!

4 years ago 

Lana, baby, I will be stroking my cock and fantasy fucking you everyday!!! Actually, make that several times a day!!!

4 years ago 

Another More than Wonderful Nice Addition and Serious Contender to Scoreland Tattoed Busty Starlets Club !!! Keep Cumming !!! and Specially Spreading Wide Open your Tasty Pussy with your More than Angelical Innocent Face !!! Surely a 10 Stars NEW Addtion and Fresh New Meat on the Market !!! Which with the Bunch of Spetacular NEW "Discoveries" is Plenty enough Reason to Staying "Addicted" to Scoreland for a Hole New Year !!!

4 years ago 

I renewed my subscription for Lana! Please bring her back for more, she is awesome! I would love to see some XXX content from her.

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