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Krystal Swift entered SCORELAND with both boobs blazing. She has an ever-smiling, busty-girl-next-door appeal, sexy, fresh-faced blonde looks and a naturally lusty nature. If you were to see her, you'd probably not think "porn star."

Krystal was out of sight for a couple of years after shooting a threesome called "Two Men For Miss Swift." We even speculated that she had exited the adult scene.

Then word came in that Krystal was back in the game and looking to resume fun times again. The ride's back on and we're glad Krystal's a part of the big show again.

Krystal's big tits are even bigger now. She's more voluptuously stacked now. "I wear a 7G bra now," Krystal said. "They're really big but I love them." A 7G bra in the Czech Republic is a 44DDD in the United States and a 44F in the United Kingdom. She's proud of her tits and that's a good thing in a world of boob prejudice. Read More »
Featuring: Krystal Swift
Date: July 9th, 2015
Duration: 15:39

Member Comments

5 months ago 
Oh Krystal, You make my virgin dick so rock solid throbbing hard that i want to lick up every drop of that oozing pussy nector juice and let me fuck that pretty wet honey tasting delicious pussy.
3 years ago 
Oh Krystal, Thank you , thank you so, so much for cuming back and doing such red hot sexual performance again like this one. I watched in your video Two men for Krystal Swift and you were so amazing with your performance that I could not hold back my big hot scalding man load and had to shoot it when you took it in your mouth and swallowed… Oh Krystal, Thank you , thank you so, so much for cuming back and doing such red hot sexual performance again like this one. I watched in your video Two men for Krystal Swift and you were so amazing with your performance that I could not hold back my big hot scalding man load and had to shoot it when you took it in your mouth and swallowed and wish it could have been mine. I really love seeing you play with those wonderful big breast and wish I could play and kiss them all over for you and make you receive the pleasure you give my dick. I dream about sticking my long hard tongue up in that wet sweet pussy and suck out all that sweet pussy nector juice that I saw when you were using that red dildo. That was really a turn on for me. I know that since that you are back you can't help but do more sexy videos like this so we can continue to cum with such added pleasure. Please cum back real soon and often.
3 years ago 
so happy she is BACK!!!
3 years ago 
Big Swifty! WOW!!!
3 years ago 
Wow, those tits are huge. I could get lost in them all day long. Her chest is a motorboat dream come true.

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