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Kianna Dior -  Big Tits video
The history of "girls jumping on trampolines" is shrouded in mystery. In Spanish, "el trampolin" means diving board. George Nissen anglicized the word in the 1930's and registered Trampoline as a trademark. A Google search is initially filled with references to the SCORELAND approved TV program, The Man Show, and then to a large number of crappy tubesites that'll fry your expensive computer with malware and viruses. But where's Rome, Athens and other historical "girls jumping on trampolines" centers? While we salute Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla of The Man Show, SCORELAND would like to crank up this ancient sport a notch. So we drafted the gorgeous Kianna into service with this video of her tramping it up under blue skies and losing her bikini in the process. Most girls won't tramp it because all that boob bouncing hurts their tits. So we'd also like to salute this Korean-Canadian hottie for her nearly six minutes of aerial boobonics.
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