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Nude Model & Artists At Work

The world's greatest artists in history would have asked to sit in on an artists' class if Kate Marie was their nude model of the day. Here in the SCORE art room, the busy hands of eager students try to capture Kate Marie's lovely face and buxom figure on paper. The female form is the greatest creation in the universe.

Some students are very good. Some...not so good, but it's the motivation that counts. Kate is truly a work of art and inspires many things, including jacking.

After the students leave for the day, Kate's very hot from being the center of attention and feels the urge. She needs to rub it out and cum. Fingering her nipples, spanking her clit and fingering her pussy while standing, Kate gets busy right on the modeling stage instead of going home and jilling in bed. Read More »
Featuring: Kate Marie
Date: May 11th, 2016
Duration: 08:43

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Now that's a woman!
2 years ago 
She will go down as one of the best
2 years ago 
red hot
2 years ago 
Kate is still one of my top favorites at SCORE. I never get tired of seeing her incredible tits. She is simply amazing.

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Kate Marie is wasting her time at StarBoobs serving coffee and pastries to grumpy people in a hurry. Whatever the current minimum wage is for fast food servers, this busty beauty and other girls who look like her are being undervalued by their corporate commanders when they could be doing much better at SCORE. They should not be abused by a line of caffeine trolls on their way to work. Barista Kate makes a huge mess serving the pastry but not as big a mess as the mess in our pants watching her squish it between her fantastic, naturally big boobs. After cleaning up her naked knockers, Kate says she might as well take everything off. She must be a mind reader! Kate leaves her station and comes around to take off her little skirt, even tinier panties and high heels so she can lie back and enjoy her own fap-puccino break, dunkin' some fingers into her cherry pie. She deserves a break today. As for us, we're jittery enough just savoring the view of her soft and curvy cuteness. "I can't find many clothes to fit my chest," says the brown-eyed brunette. See, we did look at her eyes. "Their size by themselves is an attention getter. However, tank tops have almost caused accidents in public. It's okay to pay attention as long as folks eventually look up and talk to me and not my breasts. It depends on how they compliment me. The right way would be to make eye contact first, starting with a little conversation and then throwing that out there. That's the right way for me, anyway."
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