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Karen Fisher lives the life of a busy human resources executive at SCORE. You know the type. You've seen her in your own business center's parking lot walking to or from her car. She's always wearing a super-tight, low-scooped blouse or sweater, usually over a push-up bra for maximum boobage. A short skirt so tight she can separate her legs but not too far apart. Super-high stiletto heels that announce her arrivals and departures.

Miss Fisher's activities as a human resources supervisor include making and taking phone calls, usually to her fellow cougars, taking long lunches with whomever is the current vice president, watching the shirtless warehouse crew lifting boxes on closed circuit TV and leaving early for manicure appointments. She has a tough, demanding job that requires total, tireless dedication and Karen has the right equipment for the job.

Today she is interviewing John C. for the position of truck driver. She has to make sure he is fully qualified to perform… Read More »
Featuring: Karen Fisher and Johnny Champ
Date: April 4th, 2018
Duration: 20:10

Member Comments

5 months ago 
I want to have a job interview with her. Karen would you hire me?
5 months ago 
Karen is so hot.
5 months ago 
Karen is wonderful, would like to have her as my lifting supervisor

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Karen Fisher says she's had a long stressful day and now she wants to take a nice bath. She opens her sheer robe to show her peek-a-boo nipple-exposing top, rubbing her finger on the pointy, pink nub. Using a handheld showerhead, she sprays her full chest with warm water, soaking her teddy. Pulling it down gives you a great look at her twin peaks. She's clearly proud of her large tits, and caresses them, the soap suds dripping down into the bathwater. A five star man-pleaser, Karen's been showing her high-riding tits at SCORE since 2001 and those prominent nips encircled by smooth, unbumpy areolae never cease to inspire attention. Further south, her equally prominent clitoris is a work of art itself. Karen ranks high on our Girls We'd Like To Screw list. However, they must be turned over to professional surrogates who train for these missions like special forces ops. Karen invites SCORE stunt schvanz Mikey into the tub. He wastes not one minute on formalities, introductions and small talk, getting Karen to drop to her knees and suck his cock hands-free which she does since she's a highly obedient girl. "You like sucking cock," he says. Karen can't reply. Her mouth is full of cock. Karen was great sucking cock in Big Tit Tune-Up and her mouth is just as worshipful here, taking turns on his dick and balls. She leans back in the tub so her tits can get fucked. Banging in a tub is tricky and slippery but they get it on good. Karen shows her strength and impressive body control in one fucking position that has her arms and legs supporting her torso above the bathwater so Mikey can pound her with deep strokes. She's so hot it's a miracle the bathwater didn't start boiling. In SCORE Theater, there is a 17 minute interview video of Karen with a SCORE editor reviewing this scene. It was a first for Karen who'd never watched herself fucking on video. You wouldn't guess it but Karen is the shy type. "This is so weird!" she said, looking at herself sucking cock. As it was pointed out in that video, "It's easier for Karen to fuck than to talk about fucking or to talk about fucking while she's looking at video of herself fucking a guy, while she's in a room talking to another guy who'd like to fuck her but isn't going to." Sounds like a great topic for Dr. Phil or another Ashton Kutcher reality TV show. Running Time: 20:15
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