Joslyn James: Bra Overload

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Joslyn James: Bra Overload

"I'm always in charge," said Joslyn James. The Las Vegas porn star with over 200 adult movie credits has sex daily and loves cock worship. Spit or swallow, she enjoys it all. Joslyn said she cums best by "Sucking my clit like a pacifier."

Joslyn entered adult entertainment in 2007. She's also appeared on such television shows as Dr. 90210, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, the World Series of Poker and Inside Edition. Joslyn was one of the many women reportedly involved with golf great Tiger Woods according to the numerous newspaper and television stories and scandal tabloid headlines that brought her international attention when the news broke about Tiger's secret life.

In this video, slim and stacked Joselyn strips down to play with her supersized tits and finger-bang her pussy. Joslyn's next scene will pair her with Milan. Read More »
Featuring: Joslyn James
Date: July 24th, 2021
Duration: 14:40

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Member Comments

2 years ago 

Joslyn’s massive tits with these big and round areloas are incredible. Hopefully, there will be more videos with her fantastic boobs in action.

2 years ago 

welcome to score wonderful

2 years ago 

My eyes bugged out when I saw Joslyn James' humongous round boobs on her Barbie-Doll figure! Amazingly huge clit on her, too!
Way to go, Scoreland!

2 years ago 

I can’t wait for her to do b/g scenes

2 years ago 

As much as I love her titties, her ass is a masterpiece!

2 years ago 

You are gorgeous! I want to kiss every inch of your body. I want to kiss your flower and suckle your clit while you wrap your legs around me holding me tight into your beautiful flower drinking your sweet nectar over and over. I hope this was not too much.

2 years ago 

Hot, hot, hot!

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