Goldie Bare

"She is perpetually beautiful," Nick comments. "In the distant future, she will be your star model in 60PlusMILFs and I'll still be polishing the scepter over Goldie Blair."

Goldie Blair picked her hottest, tightest dress for the last photo shoot in her recent SCORELAND series. (Goldie's outfit in "Breast Intentions" was sexy too).

From her earliest shoots to now, Goldie got better looking and her body and tits have never looked fitter. Actually she's changed very little since her previous visit in 2008. It's gotta be her clean livin' and healthy lifestyle of breast playing and masturbation. We'd love to see Goldie do the nasty and get dick-drunk at SCORELAND in 2015.

"Most nights, masturbation helps me sleep," says Goldie, "It's all clit play that gets me cumming."

And what is sexy to Goldie?

"Breasts. The bigger the better as long as they bounce." Read More »

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Featuring: Goldie Blair
Date: November 25th, 2014
Duration: 16:14

Member Comments

3 months ago 
And those Soft Warm "Dirty Talkings" in Background Looking Straight into the Eyes just to Provoque & TEASE even MORE !!!!!! Thats way Mature Experienced MILFS Know HOW to DO It Much BETTER than just Naive Newcummers .... The degree of "Natural" ( yet Faked ) "Innocence" Fully Stamped on Miss Blair Candidly FATAL Face is more than enough Credential… to put her at a Very Vantageous place, with a Sexual DRIVE that Fully Emanates from ALL her Matureness !!!! In my humble opinion, Busty MILFS always DO BETTER !!!! Take for Example Alura TNT Jenson among other also More than STRONG Mature MILFS with a Transbordating OVERSEXUAL DRIVE !!!! Just looking into their EYES one absorbs a Very Powerful GLIMPSE of ALL their Latently "restrained" Appetite !!!! Looking straight to their EYES and then to their Lovely BUSTY Tits in constant Hypnotic "alternation" simply Drives one Crazy NOT knowing WHICH to Admire MORE !!!! And with those Soft Warm Dirty Talkings in Background Fully Penetrating ones Head, its simply Impossible and Totally Futile to RESIST !!!!!
3 months ago 
There is a Something MORE from Mature Busty MILFS that takes them Always to a Distinct Category and Miss Blair is a Golden Example of That !!!! Just her Bluer-Than-Blue Eyes are well enough to Completely Captivate a man !!! Patiently Showing Up ALL her Attributes in a NO HURRY AT ALL pace, and always Looking Deep into ones eyes, with ALL her… "Matureness" emanating from her Face, shows WHY Experienced MILFs always Knows not only HOW to DO It, but How to Do It More than VERY WELL !!!! Keep her Male ( or Female ) audience Completely CAPTIVE and "Hipnotized" by her Candid Face, showing Up "Innocence" & "Matureness" at the Very SAME TIME !!!!!
5 years ago 
Absolutely yumy. Near perfect sexy woman. Yum Yum.
5 years ago 
beautiful woman,splendid body,I like.

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