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Eva Karera was a scuba diving instructor before she became a porn star in 2007. She is Belgian and began as a lingerie model. Since there are no porn companies in Belgium, Eva started doing hardcore in France where adult filmmaking has been big for many years. In 2008, she moved to the USA. She's bi-continental and continues to shoot in Europe.

Eva stays fit for fucking with spin classes, running and weightlifting. We'll be seeing Eva make Mr. Cock erupt in her second scene. "I am good at anal and deepthroat sloppy blow jobs," says Eva, whose reputation precedes her.

Eva likes men who are "crazy in bed." "I like a man who can fuck me for hours. I am very aggressive. I like to have sex every day."

Check out Eva's dressing room talk with Dave in a Bonus video, "All About Eva." Read More »
Featuring: Eva Karera
Date: October 20th, 2015
Duration: 19:23

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2 years ago 
Such a beautiful, sexy and just a hot hot hot lady, more of Miss Eva Karera soon!!!

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Eva Karera isn't going out swinging with Tarzan. Eva's wearing a dress that shows her amazing ass cheeks and would be the hit of the party but she'd rather deep throat and fuck hard. Priorities first! Eva talked about her move into porn. "I would dress very sexy to go to the swingers clubs, but in the rest of my life, I would be really shy, like not trying to get any attention. Not wearing anything sexy. In the very beginning, I would work in my lingerie store, and once a week, I would teach diving, and every weekend would be when I would go to Paris to shoot porn, so it became too much. There wasn't enough time in the day." The exhibitionists and hedonists that Eva met while swinging led her to open a lingerie store. "I was going to the swingers clubs, and I saw that people were always wearing different stuff, so I saw that it was a good business. I thought, 'I'll work with women,' which was maybe not the best idea. It's very difficult to satisfy people who are not satisfied with their own bodies, and I was really young to own a store, and I would get bad comments from 45-year-old women who wanted to wear sexy outfits for their husbands. They would say, 'You are lucky you can wear those type of clothes.' And I thought, 'I am not lucky. I go to the gym every day and I don't eat like a pig.' And I hated being stuck in one place all day waiting for customers." It was at that point that Eva went into porn full-time and never looked back.
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