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Elle Flynn is going to handcuff you. Then she's going to fuck you, suck the cum out of your balls and rub it all over her heavy, natural tits.

Elle decided to become a bordello babe at the Love Ranch in Crystal, Nevada near Las Vegas after checking out an ad.

"I like to pull a cock out of my dripping wet pussy and lick the shaft, balls and taint clean," Elle told us. "That keeps it rock hard while I'm getting pounded all night. And when I really like someone I make him a mean omelette."

It's not all about worshipping the cock for Elle.

"I love kissing and when I'm getting bitten on the neck just right, I'm in ecstasy. Getting a foot massage is a very intimate way to show affection for me."

What else is in Elle's bag of tricks besides handcuffs? Read More »
Featuring: Elle Flynn
Date: February 5th, 2017
Duration: 09:12

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1 year ago 
videographers seem to be liking the up close pussy shots to see more full body breast shots.............not a fan of the up close pussy shot, not for too long anyway

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Creaming For Elle
Elle Flynn has been shopping, a girl's favorite sport, hobby and past-time. What has she caught, captured and brought back to Tarzan's man-cave? Brassieres, of course! Elle is excited. "So beautiful, I had to buy them all," says Elle. Let's see her try some on. Her big succulent natural tits are waiting and so are we. Elle wants to try on Tarzan's favorite, the blue one, because she's a pleaser and a giver with a whole lot to give. She can barely hold it up against her jugs because of his roaming hands that jiggle and shake them. It's a boob quake. The blue one is a hit but what Tarzan really wants is to suck Elle's tit. Next up is the purple boulder holder. Once again, he dive bombs for her perky nipples. Then the pink one is given the shake test. Elle sucks her own nipples wanting in on that action herself. With Elle on the couch next to you, you don't need cable TV, you play with her boobs all evening instead of a remote control. Elle tries on one more bra, a striped number, but by this time, she's all worked up and hot from all the breast play and she wants to play with Mr. Happy. She kisses the tip of it, then wraps her soft, squeezable flesh pillows around it and buffs it with fast strokes. An Elle Flynn blow job follows and these are always super-horny and special at SCORELAND. Hands-free and with lots of spit, Elle gives him a tremendous blow job and ball sucking, her tits flying with his cock in her mouth. Wanting more, Elle gets on her back so Tarzan can fuck her tits and mouth. "Fuck me," Elle whispers. Tarzan rubs her clit with his fingers and, spreading her legs, slides past heaven's gate so Elle can have her wish.
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