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A Girl & Her Bras

Elle Flynn was a busty bartender. Imagine that. Imagine Elle in a tiny T-shirt, her perky nipples straining against the sheer fabric. That won't be necessary. Elle is already wearing a tiny T-shirt and tight boy-shorts when this show begins.

Elle tries on a variety of sexy bras of all sizes. Her 36DDD breasts (44-inches, as measured by our dressing room stylist) have an excellent shape. "I always get stared at," says Elle. "Guys. Girls. They love my boobs. It makes me feel sexy."

Elle says her special talent is "Trivia. I'm pretty good at trivia. I plan to be on Jeopardy one day." Elle has much more in the special talents department than trivia. Read More »
Featuring: Elle Flynn
Date: July 6th, 2021
Duration: 24:57

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Member Comments

2 years ago 

I just fired my shot across her bras

Absolutely amazing! Smoking hot with out of this world tits, box, and face! I Luv watching Elle get naked, naughty, fucked, and take big loads on her face!????

Amazing tits!!! Drive me wild


This girl is stunning. I love her body... chubby in all the
right places, big in all the right places - belly, boobs, etc,
plus cute face. 10/10, would love to see more content with

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Im new to scoreland and this chick makes it well worth it! She is fucking smoking hot!!!! Where do you find these models! Gorgeous!!!!!!


Fucking fantastic ! Good job Scoreland. You made me jack off as a mad man.


Okay gang, I have been away for almost a year, but when I rejoined Scoreland just now, Bebe Cooper is the first model I wanted to see! She is the rock-hardest babe of the century.


One of the best cast and scene I’ve ever seen on scoreland, bravo!!


We all know Scoreland is full of the world's hottest and curviest women, but Ivy Darmon is in a league of her own. Her face, tits, ass, posing, sex appeal, and outfits are all second to none. Definitely in love.


Thanks so much Scoreland for featuring the lovely Beshine in a simple yet effective way for the enjoyment of all the super boob aficiandos. It's the variety of models and catering to different reader tastes that make Scoreland great !


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