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Michelle Bond, chesty creator of the Big Boob Finishing School and author of "The Ultimate Guide To Pleasing Men" is an expert at training impressionable and stacked young women to treat men like kings. She believes that pleasing men takes education and training. Lap-dance instruction is included in her manual.

Today, buxom Eden is going to receive hands-on instruction in the art of lap-dancing. Michelle will be the teacher and Eden will play the student. Michelle believes that Eden can absorb Michelle's lesson and learn to dance just as erotically as she can.

Michelle begins and removes her dancewear until she is fully naked. Her big boobs dangle and sway in Eden's face. Eden's turn is next and she copies Michelle, adding her own personal spin to her moves. Michelle approves. Eden has turned her on and that's the idea.

This is true hands-on dancing instruction. Eden has done well.

Michelle compliments Eden on her performance and both hotties kiss on the… Read More »
Featuring: Eden Mor and Michelle Bond
Date: October 30th, 2013
Duration: 13:34

Member Comments

11 months ago 
This was great, but there should have been a part 2 to this, with some lesbian fucking
2 years ago 
Sensational babes!
3 years ago 
Eden please give me a lap dance. While your pressing your big titty's along my chest I'll insert my cock into your pussy and shut my load.
4 years ago 
Both of their outfits are great.
Eden is a lovely girl, but there's something about Michelle
that really shines. Her demeanor, boob shape, belly, hair,
all of it puts her sex appeal on a higher level than the
Please add more new content with Michelle!
4 years ago 
I wanna put my tongue all over their bodies!
4 years ago 
Sexy! :)

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