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What did girls do before the cell phone camera was invented? They sure didn't use a throwaway camera and take the prints to a 24-hour lab. (There was a famous female photographer named Bunny Yeager who took selfies 60 years ago with a string attached to her camera shutter that she pulled with her toe.) Demmy Blaze shows how she likes to take selfies. She now has Twitter and Instagram accounts and like most females of all ages, is into the selfie. Demmy shoots a few dressed and with her top down, exposing her mind-blowing naturals while she talks to the cameraman. Here's a new form of photography. Photographing a model while she's photographing herself. You could watch someone built like Demmy do that all day. Read More »
Featuring: Demmy Blaze
Date: March 18th, 2017
Duration: 06:26

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Your voice is so soft and charming. I appreciate your growing self-confidience. Your look is totally yours, unique. There will never be another like you. Already in my favorite Score girl.
1 year ago 
Demmy wants a focal point for her selfies. She has great sexy nipples so that can be the focal point. Accentuate the positive. Stimulate her nipples to make them greater, bigger and sexier for her selfies and the camera. Another woman can show her how they can blaze a trail of fame for her.

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Have you got a medical issue? Demmy Blaze is the girl you need. She's an angel of mercy with 34H pillows. She's worth a stay at the hospital. A chat with Demmy was the right medicine. SCORELAND: Hello, Demmy. How did you get into modeling? Did someone recommend you try it? Demmy: That was such a long time ago. When I studied at university, one SCORELAND model added me on a social media site and asked me if I would like to make shootings for SCORELAND, but I couldn't imagine that I could do so well at modeling work. I didn't stop to think about it. Finally, in 2016, I decided to try it so I traveled to your photographers in the Czech Republic. SCORELAND: What do guys ask you to do on your webcam? Demmy: Usually guys ask me for boob action. So that is very easy for me. I don't get tired of doing cam shows. SCORELAND: Are any models an inspiration to you? Demmy: I'm very serious about working as a model and sometimes very critical of myself. Of course, I look at the work of other models and take all the best from that. I choose the most-successful models, like Hitomi, Sha Rizel and Alexya. SCORELAND: If you had not become a model, what kind of job do you think you would have? Demmy: In my study years, I dreamed about being a customs officer and that's why I was a good student. SCORELAND: You would be a good customs officer. Everyone would obey you. If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be? Demmy: I would like a T-shirt that reads: "Big Power Boobs." SCORELAND: That's a good one.
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