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Tetas Y Culo!

This reverse strip starts in bed. Daylene begins by giving herself a wakey-wakey spanky. Miss Rio gets touchy-feely and enjoys her big, big tits and pierced pussy. Then it's time to rise and grind. She licks her fingers to savor the taste and scent of her womanly juices.

Daylene gets out of bed (the opposite of what we're used to because we love to see her in bed) and gets dressed. She carefully chooses the right bra and panties she wants to wear for the day. Daylene tries on one tube dress totally commando. She looks killer in it, but after examining herself in the mirror she decides to put on a bra, panties and a very tight-fitting dress that hugs her curves and her tits and ass like a sports car on a mountain road. Unbelievable!

After examining her final outfit and slipping into high heels, Daylene is ready to venture out into the big, bad world and leave a trail of broken hearts and giant erections in her wake. Read More »

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Featuring: Daylene Rio
Date: May 16th, 2022
Duration: 15:18

Member Comments

She is a sex goddess, we need more from her!

Perfect latina association and tits!

perfect in every way, we need more of Daylene Rio!!

Cada vez mas sabrosota la Daylene... Mas de ella, de sus nalgotas y chichotas, plz!!!

In the dictionary, the word sexy should have a picture of Daylene Rio as an example.

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OMG...My dream girl does exist! What a beauty, the most spectacular specimen I have ever seen to grace Scoreland. I could spend days between those legs and breasts.


Absolutely amazing! Just love the way she looks at the camera while the milk shoots from her tits! This is what makes Scoreland the BEST!!!


We all know Scoreland is full of the world's hottest and curviest women, but Ivy Darmon is in a league of her own. Her face, tits, ass, posing, sex appeal, and outfits are all second to none. Definitely in love.


Impressive - not every chick Gigi Sweets' size can self-suck her own nipples. But self-sucking while she's getting banged is a whole 'nother level! Way to go, ScoreLand!


Another excellent girl/girl shoot. Both Holly and Molly are very beautiful women. thank you Scoreland. Keep up the great work!


This girl is so amazing never seen bigger tits anywhere and this guy with her makes it seem as if regular guys have a chance to fuck a dreamboat thanks scoreland for this treat!


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