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Stall Sexologist

Daphne Rosen never stalled when it came to getting hard cock in every hole. In this flashback fuck, Daphne is in search of a stud in a graffiti-covered public men's room. By hanging around long enough she was bound to see one that she approved of. Fucking on the floor next to the toilet? No problem.

The nastier the action, the bigger the dick, the more exciting it was for Daphne, who studied sexology in college and did a lot of SCORE scenes and magazine layouts. This scene was one of her hottest.

"A really hard dick turns me on," Daphne told us. "Sometimes I am a size queen. Other times I want a much smaller cock. I could never pick one thing that satisfies me best. I love to try anything new."
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Featuring: Daphne Rosen and J Mac
Date: March 13th, 2017
Duration: 19:35

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Daphne Rosen - XXX Big Tits video
Aug 9
Daphne Rosen
  24:01 Mins.
Big Tit Glory Hole
When it comes to sexual heat, Daphne Rosen is one of the undisputed power-fuckers of the big-boobed community and she's proud of her skills. Her presence jacks up the heat of the Big Tit Glory Hole by several hundred degrees. Appearing in a swirl of smoke and lights, Daphne looks like some futuristic space stripper, gyrating and shaking her tits to pounding scratch-music. Daphne could have easily taken on more cocks than the two in the holes in the wall. She holds her nipple close to one hole so a tongue can stick through and lick it. Hands appear through the holes and grope Daphne's tits and pussy, a bizarre, hallucinatory moment that could have been inspired by a Jean Cocteau film. She kneels so she can suck, tit-fuck and stroke the dicks. A piece of cloth she's been playing with becomes her blindfold so she can't see the studs entering the Glory Hole booth. She doesn't want to see them. She doesn't care who they are. She just wants to play with their swollen sex organs. But she becomes the plaything in this phantom zone and they fuck her in every hole and double-penetrate her, making her their shared sex-doll. Once they have coated her, the men leave and only then does Daphne remove the blindfold, a look of sexual glee on her face that stamps her as an ecstatic recipient of male domination. Her acceptance of cock power is complete. And now the final guest to the Big Tit Glory Hole is set to arrive once Daphne has returned to the real world.
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