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SCOREtv host Dave Rosenbaum interviews Christy Marks with demonstrations of her astonishing flexibility. Boob art on glass painted by Cindy Cupps. Best Pick-Up lines by Diamond Foxxx. Sticky Money with Annina Ucatis in Berlin. From home, Merilyn Sakova issues an on-air challenge to Christy Marks for a big-boob competition in 2008. Read More »
Date: January 4th, 2008
Duration: 30:06

Member Comments

3 years ago 
That was one of the skills I really loved about Christy. The gymnastic abilities were so unique from her. It was hard to find a model with that kind of skills. I love her body type, long long and huge breast, beautifully saggy combined with her slim figure. And those legs are just perfect.
4 years ago 
What a wonder girl. On her back with her legs behind her head is perfect. I wish she and Merilyn had gotten together. Wow. Christy's magnetism might have pulled Merilyn to a b/g scene. I'd suck Merilyn's pussy for weeks :P

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