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Slippery When Oiled

Chloe Lamoure used to be skinny. She would eat and eat and not gain any weight. She trained as a bodybuilder so much that she lost too much weight and was at seven or eight percent body fat. Now she's at a shape that pleases her and makes her feel good to be on-camera.

Chloe spends the afternoon outdoors. It's a sun drenched day and she's put on her two-piece outfit, a metallic halter top and booty shorts. Picking a spot under a tree so she doesn't get burned, Chloe oils up her sexy tits and gives her tight pussy an oily hand too.

"One of my fantasies is many men massaging my breasts, Chloe said. "I love the feeling that guys can control me. If I don't have anyone to fuck me, I will masturbate. I masturbate almost every day. I like it best when someone is watching me or I'm being photographed masturbating like I am in this video." Read More »
Featuring: Chloe Lamoure
Date: November 1st, 2018
Duration: 19:25

Member Comments

2 months ago 
Oil on big titties is always fun to watch, but I absolutely lost it when Chloe Lamoure oiled up her nice big clit. Great scene!
2 months ago 
Wow what a clit!!

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