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Chavon Taylor - XXX Big Tits video
Chavon Taylor is more than a sexy, 19 year-old, big-chested girl. She's a busty brainiac. Chavon's invented this orange chemical in her boobonics lab that turns guys into tit fanatics. She uses the disinterested deliveryman as a guinea pig. Better living through chemistry, you could say. One gulp and he's flipping out over Chavon's bomb rack. Normality is restored to the universe. Now that he's horny for this teen fuck bunny, Chavon is very accomodating, removing her lab coat and the rest of her garments to give him access to her hot tits. She uses her big ones to stroke his dick, which hardens further in her talented mouth. The slamdance begins. Chavon appreciates a good drilling.

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Chavon Taylor - XXX Big Tits video
Mar 15
Chavon Taylor
  31:30 Mins.
Bounce Baby Bounce!
Science bounces forward! Scientists actually study the movement of breasts in motion. Breasts actually move just as much during a slow jog or a fast sprint, and breasts move in three dimensions including forward and back. The larger the breasts are, the more pressure it puts on the shoulders. This often keeps busty girls away from sporting activities. In the second chapter of the Voluptuous feature movie Bounce Baby Bounce!, our hero Anthony has completely lost his mind studying the science of boobs. He claims he's invented a device that can control hot girls. He can slow them down. He can speed them up. We told you. The man is coo-coo. Enter Chavon Taylor for a breast-bouncing workout in his sports lab. As she bounces her juicy knockers on the mini-trampoline, Anthony slows her down, then speeds her up. Another of Anthony's experiments involves...what else? pounding positions. "What a fine specimen," he tells Chavon as he lays back for a sloppy blow job and tit-fuck photographed brilliantly in point-of-view. Chavon sure knows how to treat a guy right. After her fleshy knockers have lavished their attention on his fuck-stick, it's time for Chavon to play Bounce Baby Bounce! on it. He fills her pussy deep as her tits rotate in all directions and in all time-space continuums. We can only pray that his machine doesn't fall into the wrong hands. By the time they finish the boob experiment, their bodies are drenched in sweat and Chavon's sexy jugs are doused in man-goo. Maybe Anthony's not so crazy after all... Running Time: 31:30
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