Sex, Sun & Swimming Pools

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Sex, Sun & Swimming Pools

It's a sunny day and Barbara Angel is ready to make her day even hotter with a poolside sizzler with Thomas, her new FWB (Friend With Benefits). Thomas is ready to make a big splash. A big splash on Barbara and her big, big boobs and Voluptuous body.

We talked to Barbara about her sun-drenched sex session after she came up for air.

SCORELAND: You and Thomas had sex by a swimming pool. How was that day for you?
Barbara Angel: Thomas made my body so hot with everything he did to me. I was so glad I was able to cool off and swim in the pool afterwards!

SCORELAND: Have you had sex by a pool before? What was this experience like for you?
Barbara Angel: Yes, I've had sex in a pool and in a hot tub before. I love It. Even the thought of it excites me again.

SCORELAND: Do you enjoy sex better indoors or outdoors? Why so?
Barbara Angel: I enjoy sex anywhere, because I love it so much.

SCORELAND: How is sex on-camera different for you than sex in private?
Barbara Angel: It makes no… Read More »
Featuring: Barbara Angel and Thomas Lee
Date: September 12th, 2014
Duration: 21:56

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Member Comments

9 years ago 

I completely agree with a previous comment. Barbara is definitely more erotic that the "sum of her parts". She has a gorgeous girl-next-door face, an amazing body, and an enthusiastic, playful personality.

As far as I'm concerned, Scoreland can change its name to Barbaraland and I wouldn't complain a bit.

9 years ago 

Wow, Barbara Angel is one of the most surprisingly sexy women in Score's harem. She is more arousing to look at, than it would appear at first.

Cute ? Yes, but not a knock-out. Kind of chubby ? Check. Big floppy tits with 3" + areolas ? Double check !

But she is more erotic, with the "sum of her parts", than you first think. And the sexy, camera-mugging that she uses, just puts the whole thing together in an irresistible package.

This video, is definitely the best of the 3 hardcore scenes that she has done.

All we need now is for our friends at Score to film and release a Tits and Tugs video with Barbara. The thought of watching her spend 15 minutes or so rubbing a big fat cock, POV-style, all over her floppy saggers is exciting to say the least.

And a request to our friends at Score: When you film the Tits and Tugs scene with Barbara, pleas e make sure that SHE finishes the job, not the cock-owner. Watching Barbara whack a fat cock off all over her fun-bags should be worth the price of admission. And tell the stunt-cock: "No Sex for at least 2 days prior to filming." We want to see those beauties of Barbaras DOUSED in Gobs of Goo ! Thank You !!

9 years ago 

I would love to suck and fuck this big beautiful woman. Lick that big ass and feel her pussy gripping my cock.

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Our Happy Members

One of the best cast and scene I’ve ever seen on scoreland, bravo!!


This girl is so amazing never seen bigger tits anywhere and this guy with her makes it seem as if regular guys have a chance to fuck a dreamboat thanks scoreland for this treat!


Thanks so much Scoreland for featuring the lovely Beshine in a simple yet effective way for the enjoyment of all the super boob aficiandos. It's the variety of models and catering to different reader tastes that make Scoreland great !


Wahou, it is so lovely and so big busty, delicious babe! Miosotis, flower of my dream. I Love hard big busty babes and i love hard scoreland group, my favorite for ever ! A french man not in New-York just in little town near Paris


Another excellent girl/girl shoot. Both Holly and Molly are very beautiful women. thank you Scoreland. Keep up the great work!


So nice. So beautiful. So Scoreland! Thanks, guys.


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