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Boob Poppin' With Annabelle Rogers

Annabelle Rogers begins her video with boob bouncing that starts in slow-motion and gets faster and faster. The gorgeous blonde's tits achieve lift-off and begin to pop out of her bra and tight, red polka-dot dress. "I'm just happy to find anything that fits," said Annabelle about her bra requirements.

Not every natural can bounce her breasts so energetically and for so long a time (the Star sisters can). Annabelle's boob-popping leads to her strolling into the bedroom. She doffs her dress, exotic panties and bra, lies back on the bed and loudly spanks her shaved, pink cookie.

"I like to show off my body," Annabelle said. "It feels natural to be naked. I don't feel like I need to hide it in the corner. I was always pretty confident growing up."

The boob brotherhood lucked out when Annabelle decided to bare her bodacious bod on-camera. Her horny talking adds an extra touch of sexy. Read More »
Featuring: Annabelle Rogers
Date: September 14th, 2018
Duration: 18:25

Member Comments

3 months ago 
Annabelle got a bangin body.
5 months ago 
Annabelle is the perfect Score model I have talked to her on cam and she's is very nice and friendly
5 months ago 
Beautiful creature
5 months ago 
Thank you Scoreland for bringing her back. This woman is unbelievable, those tits are mind blowing.
5 months ago 
Love her classic pinup style. What a bombshell! Definitely my favorite newcomer.

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When in South Florida, there's gotta be time for some sun and pool play. But not too much sun for the more fair-skinned beauties like Annabelle Rogers. Annabelle dances in her bikini and shakes 'em up, some of the big tits-a-bouncing motion in awesome slo-mo. Then it's off to float away. Annabelle shows how she can balance on a float and finger her pussy at the same time. She's a natural voluptuous mermaid with sun-kissed tits! Let's review what we've got in just the first part of this scene. Bikini overflow. Dancing. Tit-shaking, bouncing and swinging. Nipple self-sucking. Slow motion. "I like to show off my body," said Annabelle. That natural enjoyment and exhibitionism is picked up by the camera. "It feels natural to be naked. I don't feel like I need to hide my body in the corner. I was always pretty confident growing up. I'm pretty happy with my boobs. They're big and manageable. I think the only downside is finding bras that fit, but I've been trying to find tops where I don't have to wear bras, like tight tank tops instead of bras." Annabelle was athletic growing up. "I was on the dance team. I danced throughout my younger years, and I was on the kick line, too. My boobs didn't get in the way. I put two sports bras on so they were pretty strapped in. Again, I managed it. Never got a black eye or anything. "I've always been able to manage my boobs. And I did gymnastics for a year, but it wasn't my thing. I have the flexibility down, though. Moreso when I was younger, but I'm still pretty flexible. I can put my legs pretty far back. Not behind my head but pretty far back."
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