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Beautiful Oiled Breasts

If a guy was lucky enough to see Amora Lee walking around or shopping, he would see Amora wearing:

"A sundress that scoops a little and goes all the way down to the floor or shorts and a body suit tank top kind of thing," Amora said.

"One thing people don't realize is that when a woman is as busty as I am and small-framed, she also goes up three shirt sizes. My shirt size right now is a large to an extra-large, but I'm really a small-medium."

Amora begins her show in a red one-piece swimsuit, not unlike a lifeguard's suit, and unwraps herself to oil her lovely skin. Her breasts drink up the oil. Amora deserves a hand for that so her fingers stray down to her pussy for pleasure. Read More »

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Featuring: Amora Lee
Date: September 12th, 2023
Duration: 16:48

Member Comments

2 weeks ago 
I am always on the look out for hot solo scenes of beautiful ebony babes. There are none better than Amora. She is gorgeous. Hot juicy natural tits and beautiful face. And to cap it off a sweet hairy pussy. One of my favourites. Gets my cock stiff everytime.
2 weeks ago 
Fuck she is hot!
2 weeks ago 
The oil was the perfect match on her, like pancakes and syrup. I luv her pubic hair patch on her pussy, please don't ever shave that off Amora.That bit of pubic hair on that pretty pussy is one of the prettiest things Iv seen in a life time.
2 weeks ago 
Magnificent, voluptuous, gorgeous, sweet, incredible, sexy... Too many words are needed to describe Amora's beautiful face and form.
2 weeks ago 
She has secured my Membership for the next year!
2 weeks ago 
mesmerizing hotness
2 weeks ago 
I am so very hopeful Amora shoots a massive portfolio with TSG. She is ULTRA beautiful and has my favorite vibe, gentle, soft, feminine, confident and did I mention fucking crazy beautiful?? She has such gorgeous features in every way...eyes, hair, face, smile, and every aspect of her incredible body sets tall buildings on fire....she is stunningly gorgeous in every dreamlike fantasy type way.....I love how she presents and showcases her electric beauty with such authority. She is an absolute knockout of the highest order...she puts me in hazy trance of ardor and fantasy...what a beautiful beautiful woman.
2 weeks ago 
If by a miracle, a Sept Away situation where I would be lucky enough to be with Amora, I would use all five of my senses to explore every centimeter of this earthly deity. The only problem with this scenario would be how to tame my perpetual grin along with my perpetual boner.
2 weeks ago 
Big boobs + oil = happy days!
Fantastic scene, fantastic model
2 weeks ago 
In the words of Ralph Kramden/Jackie Gleason: "hummina, hummina, hummina!"

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