Big Boob Scenes

Alexsis Faye - Solo Big Tits video
Mar 3
Alexsis Faye
  17:46 Mins.
V Is For Voluptuous
Alexsis Faye is an assertive girl in every way. Her perky, bubbly, charming personality is as bouncy as her bodacious boobs. The kind of girl who makes a guy feel good. It's interesting that Alexsis said that girls look at her red-hot rack more than guys. Jealousy? Envy? Admiration? Lust? To think Alexsis was toiling at a desk job in a travel agency. What a waste had she continued, unseen and unknown except to a few people. Now she's found her dream job, makes her own hours and doesn't think of it as standard work because she is her own boss. SCORELAND: Alexsis, what is your favorite thing about modeling? Alexsis: My favorite thing about modeling is that I am able to transform for a shooting. I can do things normally I am not able to do in my day to day life. For a photo shooting, I can be a sexy secretary or a nurse and when I see the final result it's so exciting. Modelling for SCORE was thrilling, glamorous, fun and different and I loved it! So I am doing one of my favorite things and making a good living at it! SCORELAND: What clothing do you think you look sexiest in? Alexsis: I have so much clothes and I love to dress up, from secretary to flight attendant but my favorite one is my Japanese schoolgirl 'cause it mixes being naughty and innocent at the same time. SCORELAND: When you go out in nice weather, what kind of tops do you like to wear because they show off your boobs the best? Alexsis: When it's nice outside I like to wear tight tank tops in white or light colors with funny messages. Whatever I wear it's hard to keep them hidden.
Morgan Leigh - Solo Big Tits video
Nov 30
Morgan Leigh
  25:00 Mins.
Morgan Leigh big tit and pussy play
"The 2000 Boob Cruise changed my life quite literally," revealed Morgan Leigh. "I gave up a career in the food industry and became a model and dancer. Six years later, I have done a lot of modelling in Europe and the US, both professionally and for amateur photographers. I also danced in clubs in the UK. Being in SCORE has been a goal since 'I saw the light' on the Cruise all those years ago. Now that I am finally big enough, I have achieved something I have wanted for a long time." Morgan is 5'4" and measures 40-23-34. Her bra is 30J (UK size). "What do I like about my boobs? People are fascinated by my boobs. They are quite a talking point with a lot of people. They have given me many opportunities, but the main thing is they are perfect and I love them. They are very big and very round, giving me a Barbie-doll figure!" "It took a while to get started but I have kept very busy since the Cruise. I have been published in countless magazines. I have done solo and girl-girl for the adult TV channels in the UK, as well as a special event called The Big Bang, a 40-girl thing. I have also been on mainstream TV for my boobs in the UK and Germany. I have done many videos and was a presenter in a series of videos in England called The Mind Of A Horny Woman. I have represented companies at conventions in England, such as Erotica and X Sensual. I have done numerous fetish shoots, rope bondage, knickers, feet, spanking and tickling, and costumes, latex and PVC."
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